Thursday, October 1, 2009

Spuds Are Up & Veggies Are Taking Off.

Spuds Are Up!
After only 22 days the first of the potatoes we planted on Sep 2nd have pushed through.  That's the fastest I've ever had them come up.  Since we planted them deeper than ever before, it's particularly fast.  I put it down to sitting them in a warm sunny spot for a few weeks before planting.  Most had lots of small shoots by the time my 3rd little helper assisted with the planting.  Time will tell if it pays off when we dig them up in Dec /Jan

The Corn is growing by the day, I've had the Laser-Light over the top to keep any frost off and keep them extra warm during the day.  It should pay off with an early crop of juicy sweet corn.

Another row of carrots are up and need to be thinned out soon.   Have just started to pull a few from the first couple of rows, they were planted back in May.

The boys are picking the sugar snap peas as soon as they're anywhere close to size.  No chance any will make it into the house.  Still, I'd rather the boys eat the lot than the birds get them again.  Last year we had lots of problems with the birds eating them, but this year they haven't touched them.

I pulled the first of the beetroot last weekend.  We roasted it with some other vegetable and it tasted  great.

Peter W

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