Tuesday, August 2, 2011

In The Shop - Santa Sacks

ZippyZippy Santa Sacks are now listed

I have listed them early this year, after a crazy time last Xmas,
I sadly, had to turn people away, because I was inundated with orders.

They are available in Denim or Linen .....

can be personalised for your little cherubs ......

Orders will close for 2011 Santa Sacks on 25th November

I know it's only August......
I have been doing a little shopping myself ,
the plan is, come December,
when others are running around like crazy people at the shops,
I will have it all under control - time will tell.

Anyone else getting organised for Xmas yet?

Be Good


  1. I love your sacks, they are so different from anything else around!

    Good idea getting in early so you're not so rushed towards the end of the year, me well I've made a bit of a start.....I know I have to get serious about it and build up some stock like you.

  2. Oh wow, oh wow. You are early this year, but you need to be to avoid the last minute rush of last year. I am loving the linen. Looks great.


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