Saturday, August 27, 2011

Book Week Dress Up - Harry The Dirty Dog

Last week was Book Week.
The Second Born had to dress up as a character from his favourite book.
He decided to go as "Harry The Dirty Dog",
as the grotty Harry.
I had strict instructions from him,
"Mrs **** says you can't spend any money on your costume"
A navy tee, navy track pants, navy beanie and some white scraps,
and we managed to pull it together from what we had on hand.

I almost forgot to add the very important tail!
During the day he was mistaken as a cow and a cat,
but that was OK.

He was happy, so I was happy,
so much so, that he is wearing it again today!

Have a great weekend
Jacqueline :)


  1. Fantastic job!
    One of our favourite books.

  2. Very cute, the tail is my favourite part.

  3. I loved reading that book to my kids too! Good on the teacher for not wanting families to spend money on the costume..competition gets a bit fierce when kids are sent along in expensive outfits. He's the perfect Harry!

  4. He looks like Harry the Dirty Dog to me, very cute. I love how little ones enjoy dressing up. Wonderful job with the costume too, a great way to be resourceful and creative. Have a great Friday. :)


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