Thursday, August 19, 2010

Visit To Dayelsford Organics

Back in May we took a day trip over to Daylesford to
catch up with my friend Bianca,
who was down from Darwin for the
big blogfest in Melbourne - Sew it Together.
Daylesford was central and we could also visit
a spot I had watched in blogland for a while.

Peter and the boys had a good mooch around,
and checked out the produce

(first borns photo)

Peter had a good look around with Bren,
and was very happy talking about veggies all afternoon

customers arrived at the farm gate shop
for thier produce and a chat

Our boys and the Daylesford girls had a great time playing
on their beautiful property
(it's ok, he was tapped in the groin and
put on a show for the camera)

(first borns photo)
The first born took lots and lots of pictures,
even of people taking pictures.

We ended up spending the entire afternoon at
Daylesford Organics, laughing and chatting
Abbe was there too,
she drove Bianca up from Melbourne,
The boys talked growing and we girlies talked
crafting and blogging.

It's always a bit scary meeting new people,
these were new people, but, because I had been reading
Kate's blogs, I felt I already knew her a little.
Which made the whole situation stranger again!
Do you know what I mean?
Anyway, Kate and Bren were not scary or strange :)
The afternoon was fantastic, they are a great family,
and have a wonderful set up, which
they are obviously very passionate about.

Thanks, your farm and story is inspiring. 

If you wish to see more kids running
around veggie patches, visit here...

Jacqueline, Peter and boys.
Our patch felt tiny when we got home!


  1. Lovely post :) Not so sure about that picture though....guessing it must have been the best of the lot lol! Hopefully we can all do it again so, maybe at your own organic farm?? xox

  2. Yep nothing better than little ones in the veggie patch!

    What a wonderful post of a great garden

  3. excellent what a day, bet the kids slept good that night

  4. Was that really in May?
    Where has this year gone?
    It was a wonderful day and thanks to our blogs it really did feel like we were all old friends.
    Just behind that patch of green grass we were all sitting around is under water at the moment. I'm thinking we should put in a rice crop.
    Thanks to you all for coming and come again next season too.It was fun. X

  5. The first born did a great job with the camera. Looks like a very fun garden day!

  6. This looks like a totally perfect day. I would love to visit there. The next best thing is to check out those blogs!! Thanks for sharing. x

  7. Hi there. Thanks for your message on my blog. Really look forward to you joining in on the Handmade Christmas Challenge. Perhaps you can show off those hair clips next Saturday.


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