Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cushion Swap Delivery!

My cushion swapped arrived late last week.
It came all the way from Northern Ireland!
Catherine has a lovely blog,

Catherine sent a lovely cushion, with a cross-stitch attached.
I have done a lot of cross-stitch over the years,
especially during our 4 years of travel, it was small and portable.
Think I was the only crafty backpacker though :)
At the moment they are all tucked away in a box,
might just get me motivated to get them out and do something with them.

Thanks Catherine, you are a mighty fine cross-stitcherer lady!

And, now the cushion I made has arrived at its destination,
I can let you know where it went,
to Beck over at

Thanks to evryone that joined in!
Take Care and Be Good,


  1. Very nice, it has travelled a long way hasn't it.

  2. All the cushion covers are hitting their new homes now; good to see!

  3. Hey Jacqueline, I love the cushion you received.
    The chooky crosstitch Catherine made is cute as..............

    How lovely to think it travelled all the way from Ireland, makes it even more special I think.

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}


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