Monday, June 6, 2011

I Won!

A couple of weeks on a trip to Spotlight, the girls at the store
asked if I had entered the pillow case competition.
Entrant's had to create a pillow case - simple.
The entry's were hung in the store and customers vote for their favourite.
After the competition, all the pillow case's are donated to charity.

And, so, here is my entry.

And, I won!
Scored myself a $50 Spotlight voucher - very handy indeed.
Thanks Spotlight and Thanks Terry for telling me about the comp.
And of course, thanks to the people who voted,
And thanks to, Bernina, Guttermann,
Louise who created my elephant pin cushion,
Mundial for my scissors and last but not least
  My Family for all their support :)

Did anyone else enter at their local spotty?

Take Care and Be Good


  1. Congratulations! How cool is that!
    I didn't notice that one, but I did see something similar in my Spotty at the weekend, but didn't take any notice.

  2. Congrats your pillow case was so cute! I can't sew so don't enter those kinds of competitions. Love your blog & enjoy admiring those who CAN sew! :)

  3. i had no idea about it but glad you won, what a cute pillowcase! well done!

  4. Of course you won Jacquie, your pillowcase is gorgeous and beautifully sewn. Congratulations and well deserved.

  5. Well done! Your pillowcase is very pretty! Enjoy spending your winnings! Cx

  6. how cute!!! this is gorgeous! lauren wood :)

  7. Yay! for you. That is one spunky pillow case. Not surprising that you won.

  8. Its totally gorgeous!! well done

  9. What a great pillow case. Would definetly buy one (may be two) for my daughter :).

  10. This is just the cutest pillowcase - congratulations on winning!


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