Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cushion Posted - Tick

has been created and was posted off yesterday.
Last post I had a big idea, started sewing away,
then realised how long it was going to take me.
I started looking at books and tutorials again.
It was now Saturday night, and post day was Monday,
I was running out of time.
Too many idea's, and nice pictures to look at!

Then there was a knock at the door.
It was Rachel, plonk in hand, here for "Stitch and Bitch",
which was actually the night before!
Rachel said, "just do what you know", so I did.
Thanks Rachel :)

I even did a concealed zipper - I fret about zip's each time I do one,
then wonder what all the fuss is about.
I used this tutorial for the concealed zip.

Max thought it was OK.
Thanks to Vic at Punky & Me  for organising the swap!



  1. Yay, bunting, love it, looks fab Jacqueline...........

    After your hiccup you came through with the goods, well done. Amazing what you can when the pressure's on.

    Concealed zipper, would take my hat off to you if I had one on. Must check out the tutorial.

    I'm uire the recipient will just love it.

    Claire :}

  2. Oh you put my bunting to SHAME! You put my whole cushion cover making experience to shame, actually, what with your concealed zipper (and the zipper itself lol)!! Thanks a lot! :P

    Oh, I'm kidding, what a lucky swapee you have!

  3. That's gorgeous! Very impressed with the zipper.

  4. Nice work. The person who gets it will be very lucky. I like the telephone cushion too. I must go back to that blog another time, looks fun.

  5. Awww! Bunting, denim, spotty spots and a tricky hidden zip. Your cushion is so, so, so sweet! I love it.

  6. Such a happy cushion! You absolutely can not go wrong with bunting!

  7. I love your cushion - the small bunting looks great and very realistically "draped". Your swap partner is a lucky ducky!

  8. What a cute cushion. You make bunting so beautifully, making your cushion with bunting on it is a perfect idea. I love it Jacquline. Your swapee is going to love it too. :)

  9. This cushion is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love it!!


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