Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Dessert Parenting Plan

(Apologies for the grainy iphone shot's)

For about a year now,
we have been going out for desert on a Saturday night.
Not all of us, just 2 at a time.
One boy and one parent.
The boy choose's where we go.
The boy choose's which parent to take.
The idea is, we start this ritual now,
it is valuable one on one time with our boy's,
to listen, to chat and to listen some more.
by the time they reach their teen's,
when communication will be "more difficult" I expect, 
this routine is well and truly established,
regular one on one time to listen and chat.
That's the plan anyway :)

The first born is coming up to 9,
he talks about his friends and school, good stuff and bad stuff.

It takes about an hour, cost's between $12 and $20,
and, we feel is a very good investment.

The only down side to the Dessert Plan
is when I don't get picked to go out for dessert!

Anyone else have a little weekly ritual?

Jacqueline :)


  1. I love this!
    I really think we must include this ritual into our week when we get back from our trip.
    The animation is fab too.

  2. I really love your ritual. I think it's a great idea to keep communication starting from when they are young. We have our nightly ritual where we talk about positive things that have happened in our day which I love and lately my big girl and I will cook on the weekend which she loves. I think my girls would love this one though. xo

  3. What a brilliant idea! looks like a lot of fun and will have good long term benefits for your relationship with your sons! Cx

  4. The ritual is great, but your animation is even better. I will need a lesson after the Mother holiday please.

  5. Rituals are so wonderful and important in our children's lives. You are building what will eventually be wonderful memories for your kids as well as teaching them important communication and social skills. Congrats on having such foresight.

  6. This is brilliant! Mr FGB and I have been discussing one on one quality time with the kids a lot lately. Looks like you've nailed it!

  7. Oh, what a super idea! I'd just be terrified of never getting picked to go... can the parent that stays at home have a nice big bowl of ice cream at home? But way to think ahead to the future!

  8. I love this idea...might have to start with my 3 boys!


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