Sunday, July 18, 2010

Peas and Broccoli

This is our 3rd attempt at pea's for our Pea Tent.
The last lot were about 1/2 this height,
we had them growing on the verandah,
the birds got to them and pulled them out of their little pots.
This planting has been raised in the laundry on the
heated propogation bed.
We will harden them off, before planting outside.

Peter picked the first of our Broccoli this week,

There has been a few of these little chaps living in the crop,
but they dont seem to have done too much damage,
and better still,
I don't think I have eaten one yet :)

To see more participants in
Kinder Gardens, head over to

Have a great week


  1. You don't 'think' you have? I always wonder at the end of the growing season just how many little creatures my vegetarian mouth has actually ingested! You photos are just lovely today...Kim

  2. Good morning! Just a reminder that its kinderGARDENS day...see ya there, Kim


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