Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our New Boy ! ! !

Last Saturday we picked up a lovely little fluffy parcel.
It's been very hard to photograph.....

Too fast...

Head looked head
And I thought it was hard to get decent photos
of the 3 boys....

He grabbed my camera strap....

Too sad....

Too fast again - look at his floppy ears "flying"

Lunch time...
He's a Spoodle, almost 11 weeks old.

He loves the boys
and they love him to bits

Welcome to our family Max!



  1. He is gorgeous!
    A wonderful addition to your family. I cannot believe you got another boy though.

  2. That title got my attention! Max is sooooo gorgeous. Makes me puppy clucky! You are seriously outnumbered now, ha ha!

  3. Oh, he's adorable!
    Congratulations on your new family member.

  4. hey Max, you are a bit toooo cute! How proud is your boy looking ??

  5. He is so cute! Congratulations on getting your new puppy, I hope you are all having lots of fun with him. I bet the boys love playing with him and cuddling him, they are such fun. Welcome Max!

  6. So exciting to see you have blogged about your new little addition! All the girls in the office loved him when Peter & Heath brought him in to visit the other day! Now when Peter calls in we ask 'where is Max?' - Lauren, IRIS Horsham

  7. He is adorable!!!! Enjoy this lovely time, he is so little and cute. Our kids are going to flip when they see the pictures. Can't wait to give him a cuddle!

  8. Nawwww he is gorgeous!! Great post too xox

  9. Hello Fellow Madeitian!! Your puppy is sooooo cute! We would love another addition to our family like that :-)

  10. ps tried to become a follower but the box isn't letting me - not sure why? :-)


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