Friday, July 30, 2010

Kinder Gardens - Let Them Get Dirty!

The boys are very involved in our vegie patch,
but they just cant help creating their own little plots.
They find containers, a bit of compost and raid the
seeds we saved at the end of summer.
This one has corriander, lettuce and some sad broccoli.
I use this little plot when cooking and they feel very important
when I ask them to go out and pick some goodies
for the kitchen.

These little pots pop up all over the place.
I don't mind, there is worse things they could be doing.

The first born has taken it 1 step further,
he has taken some to school to grow with his mates.
It was all his idea, they have planted
corriander, lettuce and parsley.
(mine is the second from the left)

Even better - It only took a week for the seeds to shoot.

To see more kids in action on the growing front
pop over here

I have also started a group over on Facebook
where we can all post obout our patches,
swap pest control idea's, seeds,
tell us what you are planting now,
how you use/preserve your harvest
and so on,
it does not matter whether you plant in a pot or a paddock,
pop on over.



  1. 'Don't touch Or else'...that is priceless!

    Good job guys, can't wait to see how it turns out!

    I'm off to join your facebook group! Kim

  2. That is just fantastic!!! It really made me smile. I need some tips on how to get rid of what is eating my parsley.

  3. I love how involved your boys are and that they are getting their friends in on the act!


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