Friday, May 7, 2010

Kinder Gardens -Let Them Get Dirty!

We are playing along with Kim and her camel,
over at
encouraging children to grow and eat their own vegie's.
 Our boy's are already very involved in our vegie patch,
but they don't have their own little plot.
Recently though, First and Second born have
started their own little
compost and worm farms in a box.
We have had a chat, and the boys have decided
to build a "Pea Tent".
A while ago, I picked up
and had still not made a new cover.
The boys have decided to use it at a climbing frame
for the crop of peas.

We have placed it behind the vegie patch
under the grape vine pergola.
It's Autumn here in Australia so
the grape vine leaves will be gone shortly.
Next job is to plant the peas.
If you would like to join in too,
or after more information.....

Have a great weekend
Jacqueline :)


  1. great idea kinder gardens! bet the boys looove dabling with worms, I know mine would!

  2. A pea tent sounds very fun!

  3. That is so cool! I have a big have me thinking now! Kim

  4. I hope you are planning a family night camping in the pea tent! Sounds like a job for Dad and the boys!

  5. Your pea tent looks amazing! It's always fun to see people's gardens around the world. It seems so funny that it is Autumn for you! I love that your children are doing the worms!

  6. A pea tent.... sounds fantastic! looking forward to seeing how it grows!
    The kinder garden looks like a great idea... I'm heading over to check it out!

  7. Hi Jacqui, If you could pop over to my blog, I have a little surprise waiting for you. Feel free to ask for some IT support with the button if you would like from the crazy attic lady!!


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