Monday, May 3, 2010

Jerusalem Artichokes

This the haul of Jerusalem Artichokes we harvested this weekend.
It's from just 2 plants!
Some were missing from the shot,
they were roasted for Saturday nights dinner.

Last spring a friend gave us some
Jerusalem Artichokes to plant.
We did not really know what to do with them,
Peter dug up a bit of ground under the grape vines,
planted them and left them to their own devices.
If they wilted, we gave them a bit of water.
Poor things probably felt a bit neglected watching
Peter and the boys fuss over the rest of the vegie patch.

Little almost 4, calls them "tomatychokes"
Saturday, the first plant was dug up
exposed, was lots of lovely treasure.
We will leave the rest in the ground until they are needed.
I bet they get a little more attention next year!

We have roasted some of them,
they taste a little like a cross between parsnip and a potato,
with a little nutty flavour as well.

Hope you had a nice weekend
Jacqueline :)


  1. I remember my mum roasting these when I was a child,they are delicious...

  2. Wow, they are freaky looking little things aren't they! I have never seen them growing before.

  3. I was going to ask what you do with them. I have heard of them but wouldn't have known what they looked like or what to do with them - so roast, soup, mash, that sort of thing? Cool.

  4. That sounds delicious! I love potatoes and parsnips are good but sometimes a little too strong for me... where can I find them though... maybe I'll have to grow them. xo m.

  5. I haven't tried Jerusalem Artichokes before but they sound like they would be delicious roasted. You've done a great job there with your gardening.:)

  6. Thank you so much for the lovely pin cushion and the needle book, as you read on my blog I love them to bits ! Also thanks for the advice I will be putting lots of "here"s in my next post...
    How great to have Jerusalem artichokes in your garden, they are so nice and so hard to find in the shops.
    love Louise x

  7. Oh they sound delicious Jacqueline!

  8. How funny! They grow wild on our property like crazy (and are a nuisance at times!) I never dreamed that someone would eat them. Maybe I should dig some up.


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