Thursday, November 19, 2009

Your Place and Mine - Front Door

Here's our front door.
It does not get used at the moment, as the sign says
"Please use the back door"
There are 2 reasons why we dont use it.
One - with the movement in the ground, if we open it,
it's bloody hard to get shut again.

Reason Two - it's my creating space on the other side.
The cupboard to the left is full of my stash.
On the other side of the cupboard is our living area
and computer corner.
It's all open, so I can create and watch the boys playing
or watch teev or chat, or sort out the disagreements.
We did have an office/sewing room,
but decided to make that into a toy room.
The change has worked out really well.
The boys also use this side of the desk, they hord my scraps
and make all sorts of treasures.

To the right is a lovely big window
overlooking the front garden.
We are planning on renovating this house over
the next few years,
hopefully having my own sewing room.

Pop over here to see more front doors.

Jacqueline :)

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