Friday, November 20, 2009

Fridays Projects

Creche day today,
{which I am very happy with}
to tap my foot to as the machine hummed along

Today I made some buntings for the boys to give
as birthday gifts for parties attended thisevening.

The pink bunting is ready to be sent off to it's new home

It is to co-ordinate with this name garland

All boys are finally in bed and asleep,
hope the sugar high from 2 parties
wears off by morning.
Have a great weekend.

Jacqueline :)


  1. Great stuff Jacquie! Weather must have improved for you to take pictures outside.
    Finger crossed tomorrow the boys don't have withdrawals and turn into tired cranky little beasts lol! xox

  2. love the co-ordinated, personalised cards to go with the buntings - fantastic stuff!

  3. The look so happy, what a cute idea for a gift.

  4. LOVE the cards...they look fantastic!
    I would LOVE to add a link to your blog. Any idea how to do it!!


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