Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Greenbacks & The Patch

On Monday, Peter headed of to Seattle for a Microsoft Study Tour.
We drove down to Melbourne on Sunday and
spent the night at Southbank on our own.
It's the first time we have been on our own without the boys.
It was lovely.
It's been 7 years since 1st Born arrived.
I had a day shopping on my own on Monday before driving back to Horsham.

I spotted this busy bee working in the patch thismorning,
he was covered in pollen from the zucchini flowers,
Think it's time he returned to the hive!

It's up to the boy's and I to take care of his beloved vegie patch,
and nurse it through this heat wave.
The plan over the last few years is to plant everything really early,
protect it from the frost,
so as most of the summer crop is finished before the searing
temperatures of Feb and March.
Think it will all be finished a bit earlier this year.

The zucchini's will be ready very shortly

tomato's have begun to form

Beetroot is ready to preserve

Onions are doing well

Cucumbers will also be ready soon

The corn is forming cobbs

I think we are doing OK, nothing has wilted and died yet.
Hope you enjoyed the pics Peter,
Have a great time.
Oh Peter, almost forgot, saw Mr. Giamettio yesterday morning,
he has picked 2 tomato's already!

Jacqueline :)

pop over to Bianca's,
she is doing a give away with her
groovy wraps, great pressie's.

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  1. Hehehe are you going to post daily updates of the patch while he is away?! lol Hope it cools down soon for you xox


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