Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spiky Day

Some days are spiky & some days soft & spongy.
Yesterday was a spiky day.
This hot weather is making the boys a little cranky.
Tears because 1st born did not want to go to school.
It was hot, so I thought I would take the opportunity
to wash 2nd borns recently finished quilt.
When I removed the red, blue & white quilt from the machine,
lovely purple squares had magically appeared.

We had to take a quick trip to the shops to
get some fix it stuff for the quilt.

2nd and 3rd born did not want to get into the car.
As we came out to the car at the shops,
some lady (with 2 car seats in the back)
 had parked so close to my new car,
that I had to be the size of a small match box to
 get into the drivers seat.
As she was walking away,
I said maybe she had parked a bit close,
she said sorry about that and walked into the shop.
Back home to fix the quilt, tired boys would not go to sleep.
Tired boys argued most of the afternoon.
Internet connection not working.
Looking forward to an evening out at a Kitchen Aid demonstation.
I mixed up the time, got there as the demo was finishing.
I did buy a Rotor Vegetable Slicer & Shreder though (retail therapy).
Did some grocery shopping on the way home.
Got home and realised I had left some bags at the checkout.
Back to the supermarket to retrieve them.
Home to a woken up unsettled 3rd born.
Off to bed. 

Today has started much better,
have been playing with my new toy,
grating parmesan, chedder, crushing biscuits and making hedgehog,
while 2nd born is at kinder & 3rd born washed the dishes.
Just have to figure out what to do with all this grated cheese 
& rewash the dishes.
Jacqueline :)


  1. I have awarded you a Kreative Blogger award please go to my blog for details :)

  2. Oh you poor thing!
    I call those BTB days - Back To Bed!
    Glad the next day improved.

    p.s - Did you get the purple squares out of your quilt?


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