Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spud Dig 2011

Way back at the beginning of October
the spuds were planted in their trenches.
Max did very well to control himself,
all those little ball like things
in the dirt, just tempting him.

A couple of weeks ago, on a warm summer night,
the digging began, to find the buried treausure.

It was all hands on deck

There was a flurry of activity 
There was biguns and littleuns

And very proud harversters.
They dug about 25kg of spuds from the patch.
Well done boys!



  1. Great photos, I love Max's tongue hanging out.

  2. Fun!

    Have you read the book "Potato People" by Pamela Allen? Might be a little young for your boys, but it's gorgeous.

  3. Digging out all your own potatoes, wow that's really exciting. I love the picture of your puppy our Molly turns 1 tomorrow! I'm trying to grow vegies in my new patch but sadly nothing is flourishing much just yet, they're looking a bit spindly. I'll keep trying though:)


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