Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy New Year.....

I always feel like this is the start of my year.
When school goes back.
Actually started last Friday, but I don't count that 1 day.
We now have a grade 3 boy, a grade 1 boy
and 4 year old kinder starts tomorrow for the little one.

I like the return of our routine,
I like to have a plan for the day,
rather than drifting from one task or activity to another
and not finishing anything properly.

Over the summer break
we had a lovely trip to Canberra,
then a few days in Beechworth,
then returned home to a flooded Horsham.
There are full lakes and water storages - what a turn-around

Hope you all had a nice break too




  1. Happy New Year too! What a gorgeous photo - must be hard to be surrounded by such spunky boys!!!

  2. What a beautiful family photo!! Happy New Year to you too! Hope your garden was OK in the floods!

  3. Ow shucks, a lovely family photo.
    Glad you are happy to be back in routine. I'll see you on the school run!


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