Friday, September 3, 2010


This weekend we are expecting some significant rain.
Our area has been in drought for about 12 years,
hot, dry, dusty, poor crops and severe water restrictions.
Dry lakes, creeks and rivers,
local business has suffered, and tourism has suffered.

These shots are of the lovely Wimmera River which runs through
Horsham, they were taken in March 2009,
when you could walk across the river.

The drought had exposed the original bridge

You can see, from this shot, the size of the river bed.
The river had become just a series of stagnant puddles.
We have recieved rain over the last few months,
the river is looking lovely agian, a little while ago,
the wier gates were even opened because of the swollen river!

The rain we are expecting now is just moving across
South Australia, should be here tonight,
maybe it will change these
Wimmera Water Storages :)

Bellfield in Halls Gap - this yr 45% - last yr 25%
Lake Fyans - this yr 52% - last yr 30%
Lake Lonsdale - this yr 38% - last yr 10%
Rocklands Resivour - this yr 7.3% - last yr 2%
Wartook in the Grampians - this yr 94% - last yr 54%
many others are still dry.
Total Storage for the Wimmera....
this yr 20.8%
last yr 9.1%

As you can see, there is still a long way to go,
but our water situation is looking much healthier,
with more on the way....


PS There is a local family of 5, taking an extended trip up the centre
and down the west, they have been gone all term
lucky them, if you wish to look at some fantastic shots,
and see what they are up to pop over here


  1. Fingers crossed for rain. What a lovely shot of your 3 little men x

  2. Aw shucks Jacqueline, what a lovely plug for the blog. We have been desperately searching for flood news. Hope all is well and everyone at home is safe and dry. Thank goodness for living on the only hill in town!


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