Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wot The - Buying Chips

Last Saturday, Peter cooked a lovely roast chicken.
We decided to just go and get some chips to go with it.
He rang a "fish and chips" shop - not our usual one -
as we needed them a bit earlier,
and the usual one started cooking a bit later...
anyway, he rang and ordered $6 worth, 

and this is what he came home with.
$6 for 500g of chips....
the boys would polish them off in no time by themselves!
I was a bit cranky and weighed them - for the record.
Then said.....
"ring the usual and order $6 worth of chips, lets compare"

And this is what he came home with....
$6 for 1.359kg of chips!
Big difference, now we had way too many!
(the first pic is 500g of the second lot,
did not get a shot before the first batch were eaten)

Now as a family on 1 income, it's my job as
"The Kitchen Technician"
to pinch the penny's and feed the brood.
How do these shops work out what is $6 worth?
Should I be asking for chips in weight?
Should I be checking how big their scooper is?
I can't think of anything else that we purchase this way,
when we just trust the store owner to
give us 6 bucks worth.
And for the record - second purchase was yummier.

Food for thought :)


  1. It happens here too, one shop we went to hubby came home with a handful of chips for around the same price, the stupid thing is you dont go back again so they loose the business and we love our chips in this family on a sunday.

  2. Wowzers!! I know where we will be ordering from!! Having said that when we are in the ham we order from shop no. 2 anyway lol! xox

  3. Wow, that's a big difference. With 3 kids, value for money is important. Now any hints, is either shop nearby?


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