Saturday, October 2, 2010

Handmade Christmas Challenge - Strawberry Sauce :)

This weeks
Handmade Christmas Challenge is
 Homemade Strawberry Sauce.
Recently, the supermarkets have had the little
red berries on special - too tempting to pass up.
I bought some, he bought some, I bought some
and so on - till we had a shelf full of them in the fridge.
I hunted for recipes to get rid of the glut,
and found this treasure - it's soooo easy to make!
This would be a great little gift -
even looks Christmassy (is that a word?)

Homemade Strawberry Sauce
250g Strawberries
juice of 1 lemon
1/2 cup castor Sugar
1 tbsp brandy or liqueur
(I left this out for the littles)

Blend all ingredients in a blender
until shiny and sugar crystals have disappeared.
The recipe says to press through a coase sieve,
but I did not bother with this.
Use within a few days or freeze.

Only problem now is keeping up with the icecream supplies.
We have also been using it in milkshakes and on pancakes.

If you want to play along, pop over to
This week there are some great labels there
for your Strawberry Sauce too!

(I know, I can't fix that white bit -
it's too late and I can't be bothered
maybe the blog fairy will fix it for me)
{Thanks Blog Fairy Bianca
nice surprise thismorning}


  1. Ohh that looks yum! Wouldn't last five mins in our house!!!

  2. YUM YUM I am going to have to make some today..... off to the supermarket for me :o)

  3. SNAP! You're right - our posts are perfect for each other. So excited about your recipe - I'm going to copy that down and give it a crack! Have a great weekend. Trace :)

  4. Well hello there my fello FA member! I'm going to try that sauce next time they are on special......I'm sure the family will love it!

  5. Next time strawberries are under $3 I'll give it a go ;) xox

  6. we love strawberries in our house. definitely wouldn't last long here.

    great interview on madeit, well done!

  7. lovely blog, I stumbled upon by chance. Will definately have to be back more often...
    Thanks for sharing the strawberry receipe
    you can check out my decoupage blog here:
    I am holding a special giveaway at the moment!
    xxx Kasia

  8. This sounds like a yummy recipe. I made strawberry jam the other week and have been using it as a sauce on icecream too. You can't beat homemade.xo

  9. I'm going to give this a go.

    thanks for sharing


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