Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Madeit Designer Spotlight Interview

Last month I was asked by Bec,
founder and all round duties gal at 
if I would like to do
The Madeit Designer Spotlight Interview.
I said YES! Does a one legged duck swim in circles!
At first I was exited, then I was scared,
then I had writters block, 
had no idea what to say to answer Becs questions,
then doubted anyone would read it anyway 
then could not concentrate with the littles around.
Then I had to submit a shot of myself (we all love doing that!)

Anyway, I submitted my interview
and it was published :)

I have had wonderful feedback from the interview and
the shop has been busy too.
did you know you could look that up?

Thanks to Bec for offering the opportunity
and thanks to Lisa for child minding while I concentrated.

If you have Bec knock on your email door - say yes too!

And while I am blowing my own trumpet.....
I can because it's my blog :)
have you seen my new

Have a great day


  1. I didn't know that you could look that up - number 13 is cool!

  2. hey good for you, that excellent! no I didnt know you could look that up, thanks for the tip

  3. I saw this interview and a friend saw it too! Congrats, it was fantastic. So professional and very lovely photos. I hope the orders are flowing steadily.

  4. Congratulations Jacqueline I saw your interview it was great and so well written. Your bunting is just beautiful and to be number 13 on the top sellers is a great achievement for all your hard work.:)

  5. Congrats on both # 13, and the lovely interview. Just read it, thus found your blog. Your blog has a really homely vibe, will definitely have to check back
    xxx Kasia

  6. Hi there, new follower here, I read yourinterview and was kept interested, then saw that you live in Horsham and that clenched the deal, Born and bred and my dad also! We even have a road named after our family !
    I love love love your garden !

  7. Found your blog after reading interview on madeit. Loved it!! Especially wanted to thank you for the raw edge applique tip. Have just been looking at youtube videos to find out how to do it and I think it will rock my world! Am just starting up a business making fabric cubbies and have been trying to work out how to applique curvy fabric more easily (I'm pretty average at sewing!). Next challenge is where to buy fabric cheaper than lincraft! (need many metres of plain cotton) Any tips greatly appreciated :-) Thanks again.


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