Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Results Are In

Kinder Gardens - Let Them Get Dirty
has announced the winners.
Congratulations to everyone!
It was a great group to play along with.
it's the "readers choice"
where you get to vote and
made the short list with our boys and the patch...
so, if you so feel inclined, pop over
and vote for us :)

Voting is open till Tues (USA time)
Most of the participants are in the USA,
so we may just get the whole country behind us :)

And checkout the winner of the



  1. Oh he has a career ahead of him. I think he might be the Steve Irwin of the Zucchini world! Such enthusiasm.
    My vote is in. Good luck.

  2. My vote is in. Good luck! Love that shot of the boys- sooo cute! xo m.

  3. Am going to have a look now. And I just saw your interview on the handmade site/email. That's so exciting! I'm so happy for you and hope it brings along some more business for you as well. Congrats from me.

  4. I put my vote in, I hope I'm not too late. Good luck! xo

  5. Voted - of course for you! Just saw your interview on made it - great interview - well done!! I particularly liked your thoughts on tidy houses and your favorite blogs ;) thanks - I'm so chuffed!


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