Thursday, September 9, 2010

River Update

Well, we definately have water in the river now,
this shot is the section of river that the boys were sitting in
on the last post.

Behind the weir
The river has risen in town
since I took these pics,
it is contained - just 

The Wimmera Bridge

Looking across at Southbank

Looking towards the weir

We have had water in the river this year,
Just not this much!
There are smiling faces and a 
 steady stream of traffic driving down to look at the river.

There is also talk around town
as to how this flood was managed,
some farmers crops have been washed away
after they were looking so promising.
This has raised much debate about diverting water to
dry recreational and disused lakes in the wimmera
to try and lessen the impact of the flood 
See what happens next...



  1. Water management is such an interesting issue. I lived in country western victoria as a child and I remember that we had floods each and every year. I wonder how they managed it all back then?

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for some amazing photos! I can't believe how 'our' river looks! It's joined up in places which had been separated for so long - is Adventure Island now really an island again????
    Missing the Wimmera... Bron


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