Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Creative Sunday

Often when I am sewing, the boys want to join in too.
I have a drawing table set up near by and a lego table.
I also have my old machine still, and occasionally get it out for
the boys to have a go at.
They love it because its a mechanical machine and
enjoy trying to figure out how it works and creating things.

This time they were sewing cards,
even the third born (4) has a go
Sometimes I am scared sensless by the little voice in my head
that reminds me of all the things that could go wrong,
but I like to encourage them to try everything
and learn to be responsible and respect things.

On Sunday, the second born just wanted to
cut, paste and glue

This is what he created for his mum
This one goes
"straight to the pool room"
if I had one, instead it's on my dressing table

Hope you are having a lovely week


  1. thats priceless! how great the boys are into making stuff, guess it makes sense with you as a mum.
    I've been sewing clothing for grover (toy)while fletcher chooses the fabrics and ribbons!

  2. Aw shucks, that one brings tears to my eyes!

  3. Yes, the chunky chook post is a good one, so true of the blogging community.
    Will be home in a couple of weeks. we are looking forward to meeting Max and catching up with you. We have had several vege patch discussions while travelling and Mr M is keen to catch up with Mr W.


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