Tuesday, June 29, 2010

April Departures

I know it's almost July..... I'm a little late
"Hendrix" is an order for Louise here in Horsham

"Sonny" is for Louise too

"Armani" is an order for another local, Amy

This red and Aqua Bunting headed off to
Sarah in Perth WA

"Myah" was for Alison in Murtoa, Vic

This Blue and Green Bunting headed off
to busy and talented Victoria at

This Bug Bunting has a new home with
Kirstie at Moree, NSW

This Bunting is a custom order for
Melanie in Adelaide, SA

And another custom order for
Melanie in Adelaide, SA

School holidays here,


  1. happy school holidays, all your work is great! I like the beetle bunting.

  2. They look fabulous. I love the hedge as a backdrop. Hope you are all enjoying the hols.


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