Friday, June 25, 2010

Party Weekend

It was party time a few weeks ago,
on the 5th, Third Born turned 4,
on the 6th, Second Born turned 6.

For the 4 year old party bags,
I put homemade biscuits, homemade playdough,
Sunflower seeds saved from last years flowers,
a giant paperclip, an animal badge
and some left over easter eggs.

The 2 older boys were a bit disapointed with the contents,
(ungrateful little urchins)
but the 4 year old party goers were happy enough!
I am not a fan of crappy party bag stuff,
but that night, I caved in and headed down to the supermarket
to get some crappy party bag stuff
for the next days 6 year old birthday party.
Do you have any ideas for non crappy party bags?

I made this party wreath to place on the door

No fancy cakes here,

They just get to choose the colour

A great couple of days was had by all

Happy Birthday Boys!


  1. i love your party bags! i tend not to do them because i too hate crappy party bag stuff! but youve inspired me for next year, playdough and seeds here we come!

  2. Love your party bags. I don't go much for the crappy ones either. We usually have a choccy frog or two, some balloons (not blown up) I've done the seed thing to, coconut ice, a couple of fancy pencils work well too.

  3. Love the wreath! and the cakes! I had crayons, matchbox cars, stickers etc in Mr 3's party bags. I love the idea of seeds and will definately be stealing that one...thanks ;)

  4. Love it all. The balloon wreath, the bunting the balls. Looks like a fun time was had by all. I do try with the party bags, sometimes though I put in a little bag of chips because it fills them up and they look nice and fat!

  5. I actually love those cakes and the bags a lot! I do similar things in my party bags also. My eldest seems to feel there must be lollies or edible treats involved. I think they can do without the cheap plastic toys though. I am making some truck shaped biscuits this week for my nephews party bags at his truck party. I am thinking of doing vegie seeds in a pot for my 3 year old's "farm" themed party.....

  6. I think you are on the right idea with the homemade food. I have a dinosaur cookie cutter?? Maybe colour coordinate the goodies with an organic food colour? Not sure if that would cut it with 6 year olds (I dont have '6 year old boy' experience as yet)

    Maybe some seeds and a bag full of worms for their gardens!

  7. What a bright and happy blog.I love your party bags they are a great idea.I am stuck for ideas for a 10 year olds party favours.


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