Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Do I need another project?

I've recently had the urge to knit....
This lovely is one of the last things I knitted -
back in the late 80's.
Yes, I still have it - but don't wear it.
It was not cool to be knitting back then
as a 20 year old
 (or no-one below 50 admitted they knitted anyway).
I did not mind, I did it anyway.
I did do other normal 20 year old stuff though-
some of it is a little hazy to recall ;)
Anyway, a few weeks ago, I had a day trip down to
Hamilton with my friend Simone.
We had a lovely day, looking around the shops and a nice lunch

We stumbled upon a lovely store/studio
at 73 Thompson Street.
which is full of beautiful hand knitted items,
patchwork, books and lots of inspiration.
Jackie was so helpful,
both Simone and I bought some wool,
had a lovely browse and chat.
I am knitting the red vest above in
Jo Sharp - Silkroad Aran Tweed.
I wanted a nice rustic looking vest, It will be pefect,
if I get it finished.

The vest was started the night we returned home,
I knitted at the indoor play centre and also
while out at the pub for tea with the family.
I've got the bug!
It seems I have a lot of UFO's
that I will get to one day
and of course there are constantly buntings on the go.
I also have some other things I want to attempt, like,

Better get knitting
Jacqueline :)


  1. good for you,its time for cosy clothes!

  2. Looks cozy! Can't wait to see the finished product! xo m.

  3. I was always jealous of your knitting. Remember the jumper and matching legwarmers in greys and browns that had ships or something in the design. Your talent is awesome.

  4. That looks gorgeous! (the vest I mean not the 80's jumper -sorry-I'm sure it was VERY cool then!) I am so tempted to put the hook aside and learn to knit there are spme gorgeous earthy looking patterns like that one around. i'm off to ask Mr google where Hamilton is.


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