Monday, January 11, 2010

Sweet Cucumber Pickles

A little while ago I had too many cucumbers,
started looking though the books and
thought I would try this recipe.
It has turned out really well,
so thought I would share with other
vegie gardeners in the same predicament.
They taste a bit like the little green things
in the hamburgers at McDonalds.
They are also really yummy in a ham sandwich
and served as a condiment.

Sweet Cucumber Pickle (makes 2 ½ cups)
 3 large onions
3 large cucumbers
50g fine sea salt
450g caster sugar
600ml white wine vinegar
1 Tabsp mustard seeds

Slice the onions and cucumbers (fairly finely)
In a large colander layer the vegetables,
Sprinkling the salt between the layers.
Place a plate on top and press down with a heavy weight.
Leave for at least 2 hours,
Then squeeze out as much of the remaining liquid as possible.
In a large pan, stir the sugar into the vinegar with the mustard seeds,
Until the sugar has completely dissolved.
Bring slowly to the boil.
Add drained vegetables, and again bring to the boil.
Simmer uncovered for 1 minute.
Remove from heat and drain the vegetables,
Reserving the liquid,
Then spoon into hot sterilised jars.
Return the liquid to the pan and boil for 15 minutes, uncovered.
Pour liquid over vegetables in jars & seal.
Recipe courtesy of “The Ultimate Mixer Cookbook” (KitchenAid cook book)

We still have lots of baby cucumbers coming on in the patch,
I expect to have a few more batches done soon.

Jacqueline :)


  1. Fantastic Idea, I have heaps on the way too.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  2. mmmmm yum! Do you think you will have any left for our sewing retreat in March?? xox

  3. Thanks Jacqueline. Thinking of you in the heat today. It's hot here in Melbourne, but I'm thinking it will be a darn sight hotter in your neck of the woods!


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