Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Paper Beads - projects for little people

This morning the second born wanted a project.
We decided to make a paper bead necklace.
It's Pa's birthday today,
he thought it would be a great present for Pa.
This is a quick and easy project,
thought I would share,
in case any stressed mums are looking to fill in 30 mins
of the last of the school holidays.
You will need
coloured paper, glue stick, ribbon and a pencil.

Cut the paper into strips about 3 cm wide.
Leave about 3cm of paper at one end without glue,
spread glue along the length of paper,
make sure it goes right to the other end though.

Then wind the paper, starting at the non glued end,
around the pencil.
If you start at the glued end,
the pencil will stick to the paper.

Then slide the bead off the pencil.
It will dry as a hard little bead,
you don't need to wait till it dry's ,
you can start threading them straight away.

Ta Daa! 1 Bead. Now make a heap more.

Start threading the beads onto ribbon,
until the desired lenght is reached.
Second born used a wool needle,
but this is not required.

And here is the finished product.
Nice and easy.
And minimal mess - yay

He also made a paper handbag for Pa to keep his necklace in.
Pa will look very dashing on his next trip to town!

Enjoy your Australia Day
Jacqueline :)


  1. Great idea! Better keep Nan away, I think she'll want one too ;)
    Happy Australia Day xox

  2. Oh that looks like a neat craft to do. Not much mess either.


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