Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rocket Cushion for 2nd Born

Not much making has been going on around here.
Amusing the boys has taken up most of my time and energy.
Although, I have managed to complete a project
I have been wanting to try for a while.
I printed this tutorial from Dont Look Now,
planning to make each of the 3 boys a cushion,
to match their new quilts I created for them.
2nd borns quilt has still not been completed -
It is ready to pin and be quilted though,
just have to be in the right mood.
I just needed a small project and easy to complete,

It came together really quickly,
and I finished it this afternoon while the house slept.

I really liked how the back looked too.
Not that it will be seen, as it will be inside the cushion.
It's a great tutorial, tested out my stipple skill, I used my
walking foot, and 2 things that I avoid
button holes and buttons.

The 2nd born (almost a school boy now)
 is now up and loves his new cushion!
Have a nice HOT weekend and keep COOL

Jacqueline :)


  1. Thats so cute. Its a lovely "boy thing" patterns for which can be hard to find.

  2. Love it!! Fantastic work Jacquie! Your quilting is so neat xox

  3. Awesome Work :) I think my boys would be married by the time I ever finished something!

  4. Oh that's so sweet.
    My nephew would LOVE that.


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