Sunday, December 20, 2009

Record Sales

Yesterday the boys and I set up our annual
Reindeer Food Shoppe
The boys had so much fun playing real shops.
We placed this sign out on the road,
did some modern day marketing
via facebook, text message's and email.

Word got around town pretty fast and trade was brisk

They set up shop at 9am,
we decided if they had a sleep in the arvo
they would be able to stay up late
and trade into the evening,
so of they went to catch some zzzzzz's
We all did actually :)

We placed our trading table out on the footpath
and the boys still made money while they slept!

Evening trade was a little slower, but still steady.
Thismorning we tallied up the loot and had
not bad for 50 cents a bag,
the boys are not sure what to spend their earnings on yet.
(Just quietly...
I think it should be something for mum
for filling all those little bags!)
It was a big day, closing up shop at 10pm
the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves,
as did the grown ups and the customers.
Thanks to everyone that called by
and well done to the 3 little boys to stick it out all day
Plans are already under way for next years shoppe.

Jacqueline :)

Note: I have been creating, just can't show them yet.


  1. Thats so cute. Well done boys. xx

  2. Wow that is alot of money!! Congratulations

  3. That is the sweetest idea!
    Congratulations to your boys, what an amazing job.
    (The bag filler should at least get a bottle of wine for their efforts!)

  4. Well done Jacqueline and kids do the reindeer food every year to spread across the back lawn - glitter, oats and a touch of food colouring is our recipe.....
    living on a farm with cattle - one year, hubby and the BIL decided to go out and collect some errr cow poo and place it on the lawn....the following morning the kids were that excited that the reindeer had poohed on our lawn!! makes me still laugh about it now...hope you had a lovely Christmas xx

  5. That is just the cutest idea! It takes me back to all the road side stalls we set up on the footpath when we were kids. I hadn't thought of that for years because we now live kms from the road. Might have to have a stall at grandma's house one day soon. What fun, your boys must have been thrilled.


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