Saturday, July 23, 2011

In The Patch, July 2011

Brussels Sprouts, but we only planted one bush,
should have been more as the boys love them.

Lot's of Broccoli, I think we are on our 3rd planting for the winter,
so we have had a nice steady supply.

Lots of fragrant Coriander

Plenty of Beetroot

Three beds have been planted for green manure,
this will be dug into the ground, probably in September,
 to provide lots of nutrients to the soil, ready for the spring planting

Our first Mandarin's from our little tree,
they are small, but very nice.

Tomato seeds that were saved last year,
 have sprouted with the help of a heated propagating bed,
now they are out on the sunny veranda in a glass topped box,
they are about to get their second lot of leaves.

There are quite a lot! But you have to allow for some failures,
and have some to share with friends.
We have a few different variety's,
 Mortgage Lifter, Black Russian, Tommy Toe and Tiggerela

Here is the patch in full,
the empty looking bed in front has onions, garlic and chives,
they are there, just don't show up in the pic.
So, there you have it, winter time is not such a quiet,
dormant time in the veggie patch!
(Woops - forgot the carrots)

Whats are you picking at the moment?

Have a nice weekend


  1. Looking good! Our vegie patch is springing to life too. Broccoli, cauliflower, spring onions, carrots, turnips, capsicum, rhubarb, herbs all looking good here. Did some weeding today in preparation for planting.

  2. Our vegie patch is a little neglected, but yours is inspiring me! Yours must be only kids on planet who actually like brussel sprouts. I've never heard of green manure. Makes sense. What do you plant?

  3. Wow your vegie patch is looking fantastic and the brussel sprouts look really good. I wish mine looked that good but after I hurt my foot gardening (stress fracture) I haven't ventured out to tend to it much at all. The herbs though are going well, I'm still getting a few cherry tomatoes and the broccoli are starting to grow which is exciting.:)

  4. The only plant I'd be able to pick at the moment would be a few leaves of basil! Unfortunately my neighbour screened out our vege garden with shade cloth so it no longer gets sun and I haven't got another space prepared right now. Your garden looks amazing..a great use of space.


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