Monday, July 18, 2011

Mr. C's Quilt

While I was up in Darwin, one of Bianca's little's,
Mr. C turned 5.
A couple of nights before his big day,
Bianca say's, "I might make him a quilt"
I thought to myself,
"there is no way this is going to come together before Mr.C's birthday!"

She got the box of "good stuff" out and started slicing her most precious fabrics
into smaller bits of precious fabric.

She sewed and chatted,
sewed and chatted and sewed and chatted
and finished it.
It's backed with navy cord - I love it,
although, I did lobby to have the plain green removed,
but lost out - completed, I now like the green too. 

And here is Mr. C with his new quilt.
He loves it too.
Well done Bianca!
Bianca could have taken some pics herself ...
if she could have found the charger for her wizbang camera :)

Be Good


  1. I love the fabrics, so so nice and the blue cord backing sounds perfect for a boy I would never have thought to use that. What a clever lady. It would have been nice for her to have some company while she was sewing away. Have a great week Jacqueline. :)

  2. Its a great quilt isn't it. I can imagine there was lots of "chatting" but obviously she was on a mission so it got done. Mr C looks very happy with it. Lucky boy.

  3. Charger is still lost. And the green is a winner :)
    Great post xox

  4. well done to bianca( awesome quilt) and well done to you for being a support partner!


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