Saturday, May 14, 2011

What We Wear

Yesterday morning, first born, Mr.8 came and sat on my bed.
I had just finished getting dresses, I asked,
How do I look?

His reply,
"You look like a mum who looks after her kids,
and a mum that might have a job"
I then asked the husband, he said,
"you've got the Where's Wally scarf on"

This got me thinking about what we wear and how people see us.
I am a stay at home mum,
all week I had been wearing track pants and hoodies,
it was cosy and warm on a freezing week.
Does he mean sometimes I look like a mum
that does not look after her kids?
I usually wear runners, as I walk up to school each day,
I cook, sew, play, clean (only a little) and garden all day,
so I wear what is comfortable and practical.
I don't feel the need to "get changed" when I am out in public.

This is also the boy that has stuck a few useful notes around the house.
(It's not enough in this house just to have the door shut)

A this handy note on my door on Mothers Day :)

People are who they are, not what they wear,
I have spoken to mums who don't want to get out of the car
at drop off, because of how they are dressed, which is more
about how other people are dressed...crazy!

For the record, I am in tracky pants again today,
have a beanie on as I have not been to the shower yet,
but I have cooked a cake and about to put a second in. 

Hope you have a good weekend whatever you are wearing!



  1. Hey Jacqueline, love those notes your son has put up, very sweet.

    I am a mum who lives out in the country, so trackies and windcheaters are de riguer as far as I'm concerned. Outside it can be dirty, muddy, dusty and downright cold at the moment. If I go in to town, I do put my 'town clothes on' just jeans and a nice cardy and a brooch of course.........

    People may be who they are and not what they wear, but I think until we get to know people well, we always judge them by appearances. You have to be a very self confident person, to be comfortable out in public in your 'home clothes'.

    Sorry, didn't mean to have a rave on my first visit to your blog, by the way I love your scarf and shall be back for another visit when I have time up my windcheater sleeve, hehe........

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :}

  2. I was wondering the same thing today when I went grocery shopping with jeans, runners, and a zip up fleecy top. I thought I looked horrible, but then the person next to me got out of the car wearing leggings and moccasins.... so then I really didn't care what I had on!

  3. My new status as stay-at-home mum justifies my trackies and Mother's Day gift Ugg boots doesn't it?
    Love the WW scarf! :o)
    Ab x

  4. If you're warm, comfortable, neat and tidy I don't think it really matters what you wear. I'm a jeans girl, comfort and warmth for me all round not like my younger one who for some reason will wear a dress in this cold weather she's into fashion not sure where she got that from, not me. I hope you're keeping warm.:)

  5. That is so funny. I like to wear my pyjamas...all day every day! I put on jeans when I drop the kids at school but then I'm back in my pjs as soon as I get home. They're just so comfy!

  6. Comfy pants on here today too AND I wore them to the shops.

  7. Brilliant post Jacqueline! Life is definitely not about what we wear! Sadly too much emphasis can be put on this by far too many people. Loving those notes - we have a few around our place too!

  8. Ha! I have a where's Wally scarf too.
    I feel like I often have uniforms for the role I am playing: pilates gear on a Monday, Farmer Kate clothes for harvesting, dress, tights and boots today to make myself feel better because I felt crap...I'm going to ask my girls the same question tomorrow.

  9. I am into comfort! Most of the time it's jeans and a top! I do like to get dressed up occasionally but not a lot!! BTW, there is a Swap parcel winging its way to you today! Hopefully it won't take too long to reach you! Cx

  10. Me I am a jeans/denim person, even at work where I try to look professional in denim! At home the trackies (more upmarket kind) do get worn but not the daggies. But that's just me!


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