Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easter Activities For The Littles

One week of school holidays down, one to go.
Hope you are all surviving OK :)
Our week has been going well -
helped along by 4 O'Clock - Wine O'Clock!
Today has been a tad cranky though,
they are all in bed now having a nap.

With the big fluffy bunny arriving next weekend,
I thought I would share a few easy Easter activities
to help keep your littles busy.

Last year we made these great little baskets - I love them,
all you need is a balloon, pva glue and scraps of fabric,
very easy and we can use them year after year.
You can find the instructions

 I have also stumbled upon this great printable,
colour it in, then fold it into a box to stash the goodies in.
Should keep them busy for a while...

I'm off to a friends farm tomorrow with the
3 boys, going to put the tent up,
hope I get some sleep!

How are your school holidays going?



  1. Cute ideas. Sorry we missed drinks. Had footy and Netball training. Have fun at the farm. The weather is perfect for it. Might catch you for drinks next week.

  2. Love those fabric eggs...wonder if I'll have time to make some before easter.

  3. Loving those fabric eggs! They look fantastic! Enjoy the camping. We are heading off on Thursday for our first camping trip as a family of 5 - so looking forward to it!

  4. I love the tutorial for the fabric easter basket. The little one and I made one yesterday and she had a great time gluing, thank you. I'm doing a post today about it and I thought I'd share your link. Hope you are having a good time camping. :)


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