Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In The Oven & Up The Ladder

It's my turn to say "Smell This!"
With 3 boys in the house - "smell this"
is a phrase I hear too often : /
These have just come out of my oven!
Cinnomon Rolls
The house smells delicious.
If you wish to make your own, the recipe is here

Outside, on this lovely day, the house is getting a wash,

9 years of dirt and grime are being removed

Lots of entertainment for the boy's, catching all the drips

I'm off to make a coffee and try a Cinnamon Roll.
Hope all is well at your nest

Take Care and Be Good



  1. I love when our house has had its pressure wash. It feels like its newly painted.

  2. Hi ZZ. Thanks for visiting my facebook page. Lovely to see such a beautiful blog so close to home :O)


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