Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Crafting - Eggs and Baskets

It's school holidays here in Victoria.
So... my job over the next 2 weeks is to
keep the boys busy and happy.

On Monday we decorated eggs with food colouring,
we dripped spots of wax onto the eggs
to make patterns.
I blew 3 eggs which was really hard work,
thats why I only did 3 eggs.
I had never done it before and probably never will again!
Boys thought it was very funny though.

On Tuesday, 1st born had a friend over to play,
this time I hard boiled the eggs and
made dye from soaking
crepe paper in boiling water,
then add some vinegar to set the colour.
The red and blue worked really well, but
the yellow and green were a failure.
I probably needed to use more crepe paper for those colours.

We used the wax again

And also oil pastel crayons

Then we made basket to leave out for the Easter Bunny
I was actually making these
But ours turned out very different.
We painted the PVA glue onto the ballon
then stuck on the pieces of fabric, 2 layers in total.
Then once dry, I watered down some PVA glue
and used it as a varnish,
just 1 layer to make it a little stronger.
When dry, we popped the ballons and trimmed the edge.

The baskets (which are actually more like bowls)
went straight onto their heads as hats.

I will definately make these again.
I will do them as a big round ball next time,
in scraps from the boys quilts.
I'm thinking,
a group of them hanging from the ceiling in different sizes.
I am a serial scrap keeper -
now I have another use for them.

Jacqueline :)


  1. Fabulous fun Jacquie! I am now regretting culling my scraps....oh well, there are always more things to make that leave scraps behind ;) xox

  2. What a great, creative Easter you had.
    I love your baskets, I'll be having a go at one of those next year for sure.

  3. wow how cool are those balloon baskets! you have been busy :)


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