Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tomato Sauce - Done - Recipe Included

This years to tomato crop has been huge.
The plants are over 8 feet high!
Lots of summer rain and a harvest session every morning
before school and work.

Each year, on the March long weekend Peter has a
huge sauce making session which last for days.
He is up at the crack of dawn, chopping and stirring
and putting in bottles late into the night.
This year I decided to take the task on
with a new recipe, rather than the easy sauce version.

I think my presentation is better too :)

It's a very easy recipe, you only need 7 kg for a batch
so we just just stored them in the shed fridge as we picked.
I doubt we will ever use another recipe again.

And because they are smaller batches, I could do a batch during the day
and have it bottles before the evening chaos.
I ended up doing 5 batches. For me, a batch made about 6 bottles.

Here are the seeds that have been saved from this years crop,
ready to plant in spring.

He saves them on paper towel,
once dried, stores them in a jar,
then come spring, cuts up the paper towel and plants.
Amazing, all that comes from these little seeds

The recipe was given to me by my friends mother-in-law

Bells Tomato Sauce
7kg Tomato's
730mls Brown Vinegar
Ground Cloves (I useed 2 teasp)
Garlic (I used 6 cloves)
4 tbsp Salt
2 teasp Cayene Pepper
1.5kg Sugar (I used raw)
I also added about 8 green apples

Boil all ingredients (not sugar) for 3 hours
Strain / Moulie
Add sugar slowly
Cook until you have the required consistency,
about 2-3 hours.
It will thicken a bit more once it has cooled.
Bottle Up into steralised bottles.

Good Luck



  1. Yummo Jacqueline I love homemade tomato sauce it's the best and yours looks fantastic. Thanks for the recipe hopefully my little tomato plants start growing. xo

  2. Hello, I love making stuff from homegrown produce. Did you save the bottles or purchased them from somewhere in particular?? Thx


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