Monday, March 14, 2011

"Everyone needs one of these" GIVE AWAY

Do you think your odd socks deserve a better home ?

I might just have the answer

If you would like to make the worlds most mundane job,
sorting socks, a little more fun.....

I have just listed
The Odd Sock Keeper

They are available with a red spot, pink spot or green spot trim.

To win your very own ZippyZippy
Odd Sock keeper
Just leave a comment on this post,
and of course be a follower of my little blog.
The winner will be drawn
Sunday, 20th March.

Have a great week
Jacqueline :)


  1. What a fabulous giveaway Jacqueline! I would love to win one for my sister. She has 5 boys plus hubby and therefore lots and lots of odd socks!

  2. I'm not quite sure this would contain the large pile of odd socks in our house - i've started putting odd socks together -I tell the kids its a new "cool look"! ;-) non the less, this would be very handy - and much cuter than the current odd sock holder!

  3. Very cute odd sock keeper. What a great, unique idea.

  4. I'm definately going to line up to win one of your fab odd sock keeper. Am already afollower!Where do the socks disappear to? I mean mine only travel between feet- wash basket-washmachine and then they're gone! Would love a nice home for the ones left behind!
    Xxx kasia

  5. My odd socks are hidden under a cushion on the sofa at the moment.......I'd love to win one of your sock keepers to give them a proper home.

  6. What an awesome giveaway Jacqueline! I've been eyeing out your odd sock keeper for ages now, so would absolutely love to have one in my house. Just today, I was left with 4 odd socks...where the heck do they disappear to? :)

  7. Oooh the pink spotty one is so cute! I would love one of these :) I love checking your blog every few days, hoping there is a new post! - Lauren (from IRIS)

  8. I would love to win some of your beautiful handy work. I know just the family who needs one of these. xo

  9. Hey there! Trying to catch up with all my friends from kinderGARDENS last year and forgot that you are in the midst of your wonderful jealous!

    Now what your really need to make is a trap for that sneaky sock monster that steals just one sock out of every pair, lol!

    This is darling...but would expect no less from you! Kim

  10. So generous of you Jacquie. I've love to win one - my odd socks are on top of the microwave at the moment, of all places.
    Mandy Hawkins.

  11. How cute is this..No more orphaned socks YIPPEE!!..Love it..Am now your happy follower..xx


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