Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kites at Bells

On Sunday afternoon we had
Stitch and Bitch
out at Simone's farm.
Also had a guest visitor attend,
from up north,
surprised she was still standing after catching
up with the wild ladies over in central Vic!
Sorry, no pictures of the stitching or bitching :)

A few of us took out the littles,
and Michelle even bought her hubby along.

He took the little's down the paddock and they flew kites.

They had 5 or 6 kites up at a time,
with no major tangles.
(except for our kite, the first born dragged his along the
ground back to the car - grrr)

Thanks Asher, for keeping the little's amused.

Hope the victorian readers are all keeping warm



  1. Gorgeous kite pics!
    Thanks for the reminder of what blue skies look like.
    And who you calling wild????????

  2. So lovely to see you all! Even if someone was pregnant and I didn't know ;) So when is stitch and bitch coming to me then??!!

  3. Wild ladies!!!! You crack me up. The one from Darwin is the bad influence.


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