Sunday, September 6, 2009

Spring Planting in the Patch

Here's helper #2 checking out the new corn seedlings after we planted them out in the patch. The boys saved seed from last years crop and we planted some a few weeks back in our new heated seed propagating tray. With 100% germination, it's been a great success. Since we've only just turned the corner into Spring, we covered the new seedlings with a sheet of clear laser-light. It increases the ground temperature so the plants get a great kick-start and frosts don't worry them.

Here's helper #2 (#3 in the background) checking the sugar snap peas, they're flowering now and the first few pods are visible. There's no chance they'll make it inside though, the boys will clean them up before then. The peas share the bed with broccoli in various stages and they're surrounded by flat leaf parsley.

We sowed another row of carrots and thinned a couple of the other rows. The first rows are getting big enough to start using. Although they don't seen to make it inside either. The boys have polished the first of the carrots off as they play in the back yard.

Planted out some more Beetroot as well to give us fresh beetroot over a longer time. The first are getting quite big now and are not too far off ready. Planted more Lettuce seedlings in another bed, so by the time these ones next to the beetroot are finished we'll have more ready to go. That will make room for some pak choi in this bed.

Onion bed is full and they're all doing well. They'll be ready in January some time. They're mostly brown onions but we also have White and Red Onions, Garlic and Chives in this bed.

Peter W


  1. What a AWESOME garden you have, I wish mine would look like that.. Well done..

  2. Your garden is looking GREAT! I love it.
    Something is munching most of my onions away I started with 17 now have 8, I'm covering them at night now. My first try at onions in a small space too.

  3. your garden patch looks fantastic. we are getting back into ours this year after everything got eated by wallabies, possums etc etc last year... we built a huge cage.

  4. What an inspirational garden - how lucky your children are to experience all this.

  5. Your garden is amazing, congratulations!

  6. Wow, it all looks so lush and green. It is waaaaaay to cold here for anything to be that green and bushy yet. Most night we still have frosts and the days are barely in double figures. Oh well we can dream and enjoy blogs like yours in the meantime.

  7. Your vegie garden is a credit. Nothing better than home grown.


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