Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Nest

(1st borns painting)

During the week,
I did some trimming out in the garden to tidy things up a little.
As I snipped away at the ivy, a bird suddenly flew out,
so I got the ladder and had a bit of a look around.
To my surprise I found a nest with
 4 little blue eggs neatly tucked away amongst the ivy.
The boys were very exited to all climb up and
have a peek at the treasure we had discoverd.

A little later, I checked the nest again,
and mother bird was sitting on the nest.
We all managed to have a peek without her flying away.
It's going to great to watch the progress.
I don't know the technical name for the type of bird,
I'll just call it one of those pesky black birds with the yellowish beak
that flicks our pea straw around!

Will keep you updated.

Jacqueline :)


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