Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We Love Corn!

We love corn at our house,
you might call us

The First Born grew our crop this year.
It was part of his Cub program,

He grew them from seed,
and looked after them every day

Then early one January morning,

They were finally ready to harvest

By 3 little exited Pyjama clad boy's.

Perfect Corn.
It is the best corn that our veggie patch has ever produced.
So, so soooo sweet and juicy
I think the First Born will be Corn Captain every year.
Most has been blanched, and stored in the freezer,
and, some has been shared with friends.

Do you grow corn,
how did your crop go this year?

Have a nice week


  1. Yum! At my favourite pub in Melbourne, which also has delicious small brewery beers, you can order little cobs of corn cooked with paprika butter to nibble with your beer! It's fab! I'll tell you boys about it when they are much much older:)

  2. Yum! We didn't grow corn this year unfortunately.


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