Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another Quilt Finished - Tick

Another finished quilt,
made from bit's and piece's from my stash

This one is for our Niece and Cousin, Jess

The quilt has been
picked up - put down - picked up - put down and picked up
for 18 months!

But is now all done and ready to hand over
(the colours are much nicer than in this shot)

Hope you're having a nice week



  1. Beautiful! She's a lucky girl!
    Love the machine quilting - it still scares me. Have mastered (in my own hacky sort of way)the 'ditching' but the free-moving bit still makes me nervous ...

  2. It's gorgeous, love the colours and am very impressed by your freehand quilting.

  3. Gorgeous result. Are the squares in your nine patch 5 inches, like a charm square? Love the configuration. Simple but very effective. Like!!!


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