Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One Shot

I was taking some photo's of the strange clouds this morning.
As I walked back down the drive,
fidgeting with the settings on my camera,
to find the black and white option,
these 2 came around the corner.
I said, huddle up, I will take a picture of you.
This is the picture.
One shot, and one shot only.
That never happens with the 3 boys,
let alone adding a dog to the mix.
I love it.
Heath and Max are such good buddies,
they spend their days playing and exploring around the yard,
waiting for the school boys to come home.
This shot has captured their relationship perfectly.

Hope you are enjoying the Silly Season



  1. That sure is one gorgeous photo.
    And you are so right with that thing about the one shiot. So rare.
    I hope you and your boys are well and excited for the school holidays.

  2. Oh cute. Very clever in one go!

  3. Stumbled accross your blog tonight and have enjoyed reading the last few months posts. Can't remember how I got here now but it's lovely to see some familiar faces around about the place. Very entertaining, and I love your sock and laundry bags :-)

  4. That is such a gorgeous photo!
    A beautiful 'Boy & his Dog' shot. I'm sure Heath will treasure that picture for years to come.


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