Sunday, November 28, 2010

October Was Sew Busy

October was a very busy month at ZippyZippy HQ

Lots of Odd Sock keepers went off to new homes

Name Garlands and Gift Tags

Buntings have jetted all over the country

Laundry bags and market buntings have new homes too

Some cushion covers were even created as a request
to match some buntings

There has been lots happening here,
but not a lot of time for blogging though,
seems to always be at the bottom of the
To Do List.

And Santa Sacks began to leave ZippyZippy HQ.

Hope you have all been well,
I have been snooping around blog world,
keeping an eye on you all ;)



  1. Super sewer and super Mum! Well done on the busy months! I love my sock keeper!

  2. Nice work Jacqueline, hope you are able to take a breather soon.
    PS my be time to take down my giveaway. Do you want some help to remove it?

  3. Wow! That is fantastic Mrs W! When you put it all together like that it's mind blowing! Well done!! xox


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