Friday, April 23, 2010

Vegie Patch & Hand Prints

It's been a while since we did an update on the vegie patch.
Over Easter, the tomato's were removed and
some new planting happened.

We are STILL harvesting zucchini's, capsicums,
we are still harvesting carrots, lettuce, basil, chives
and lots of other herbs.
The first of the sugar snap peas have popped up,
these rarely make it inside,
the boys just graze on them while playing outside.
Beetrooot seedlings have also gone in.

These are some broccoli from seed we have saved last year,
if you look carefully, you can see some cabbage moth
grubs under the leaf - pesky little varmits!
We also planted some broccoli seedlings.

More carrot seeds were planted, we have about a metre
left of carrots, the new planting will not be ready
before these ones are finished though.

Another new addition to the patch is 3rd borns hand print.

When each of the boy's turned 3,
we did a hand print in the paving around the vegie patch.

The third born has been very reluctant,
it's taken 8 months to convince him,
then we had a big NO just as the cement was going off.
We finally convinced him to put his had in.

Now every day we are asked to go and
inspect his hand print with him.

Have a great Friday
Jacqueline :)


  1. I love seeing what's going on out the back :) And well done Third one!! xox

  2. Oh that is so sweet...what a great memory for him! Your garden looks wonderful, Kim

  3. that is sooo great, what commitment you must have to your little garden
    I have a vegie kids page on my online shop and I also feature the articles on my blog if you ever want to contribute that would be great! Anything to do with eating and growing vegies, learning about slow food etc
    have a nice weekend

  4. oh my goodness, I am soooooo jealous of that vegie garden!! I especially love that robot scarecrow. what an adorable idea with the handprints. i think it is fantastic for kids to be involved in growing vegies!

  5. That veggie garden looks amazing! I;m having backyard envy at the moment, all of my friends are sprawling to the suburbs and have wonderful backyards.. and veg patches! I must move out of the city!

  6. What a lovely idea. They will treasure their handprints for years to come. Great photos!

  7. I truly adore your veggie patch, it is so inspiring.
    I love how happy Heath is when doing his handprint, too cute!

  8. New planting underway here too. Love the handprint idea.

  9. What a fabulous veggie garden, your boys I'm sure will treasure those moments spent with you in the garden. I love the hand print idea.



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