Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Day On The Green

Last weekend,
 we had a couple of child free days at Halls Gap.
The village was packed with visitors for
The Halls gap Jazz Festival.

It was great to see the visitors in town
after the debarcle over the states first
"Code Red Fire Day"
when accomodation was cancelled
left, right and centre.
Everywhere you went you could hear music,
and boy, those Jazz enthusiasts
sure do know how to have a great time.

We met up with friends Ross & Lyndal at
The Day On The Green
at Seppelt Wines Great Western.
The weather was perfect, great crowd
and fantastic atmoshere.

Dan Sultan & Tim Freedman (pic) performed

Along with Evermore

And the mighty Hoodoo Gurus

There were lots of Horsham locals
in attendence
Leanne & Smiley

Whooa and boys, Tex & Archie

Dean & Lisa

Matt & Vernetta

Keryn & Tony

Matt & Janene

Matt & friends

Jacqueline & Stacey

Ross & Paul (our local press photographer)

This mum and her young son came up from Melbourne,
they danced all afternoon and all evening,
he danced on the esky.
They had a fantastic time,
you could clearly see what a wonderful relationship they had.

Poor Peter, towards the end of the evening,
(it was dark)
he went for a walk and bumped into a bit of wood.
It hit his shin, it bled, he put a bandaid on.
Sunday the leg was a bit sore.
Went home to Horsham,
by Sunday night, he was in alot of pain,
 Monday morning he could not stand
and was in excrutiating pain.
Admitted to hospital for 3 days with a very infected leg.
It is now a week since the incident,
he can only just put weight back on the leg.

Get well soon Peter
the veggie patch is missing you!

See you at A Day On The Green next year,
Peter will be the one with a lamp attached to his head.

Jacqueline :) 


  1. Looked like a fabulous day. Pity it ended in tragedy for Pete :( We hope he is up and about very soon.

  2. I have been to a Day on the Green too so much fun, but poor Peter!! Maybe next year a miners helmet?? Love the photo's :)

  3. Oh poor Peter :( Next year leave him at home and take me instead lol xox


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